So close, yet so far away… thirty years.
The solemn number really took me by surprise.

I don’t pay much attention to anniversaries, but here I am inviting you to my thirtieth anniversary as a designer, a way of revisiting my experiences and inspirations. Intensely happy times – not without some more difficult steps along the way – always in the knowledge that I had found my true calling. Gueule d’Ange is the ultimate reward of being able to breathe life into a girlhood dream so powerful that it swept everything else aside: uncertainty, difficulties and questions from those around me. It allows me to turn fabric into sensations and pleasure, and to share them.

This adventure began as a solo project, but I was later able to share it with my husband, who knew how to channel a boundless and sometimes confusing energy thanks to his forward-looking, pragmatic vision. And as my desire to be a mother was just as strong, I wove these joys together. My daughters have grown up in this world.So, this anniversary has a purpose: to share with you my world, our adventure, that of an entire team, all of whom have given their utmost in terms of skills and passion, and with such pleasure.

The gift I wanted to give myself was the freedom to explore each of my sources of inspiration and really capture their essence. To create unique pieces without asking who might wear them, for what occasion or how…what a luxury! To create for the simple pleasure of pursuing a dream and allowing the fabric to tell stories and recount tales in which women are exalted and can reinvent themselves. Jakob Schlaepfer struck a chord immediately. I recall being bowled over by how daring they were, their admirable balance between tradition and innovation. I remember in particular a fabric encrusted with optical fibres representing long waving blades of grass with beetles crawling on them, shining with an amazing brilliance as night fell…magic!

So I am extremely proud to be able to celebrate the « age of reason » of my Maison de Couture exclusively using fabrics from this house, whose expertise stretches back over a century, a house which expresses the very essence of luxury and whose poetry captures the spirit of my own world.

Isabelle Melis